Andrea Mantovani is a photographer that has dedicated her life to the medium and capturing social change. Previously, she studied Social and Human Sciences in Paris, Madrid and Montpellier. Her passion for people and their ways of life naturally found its way into her camera lens. To enhance her photographic skills, Andrea studied at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya de Barcelone in 2010.

As a freelance photographer out of Paris,  she focuses primarily on portraits, both personal and commissioned. Recently, her work has taken her around the world to pursue several social and documentary projects. She has found herself drawn to the raw beauty of street photography. Her work reflects her unique perspective, with a particular fascination for colour and lines.

Andrea incorporates both an assortment of technology and personal writings to trigger an intimate approach to her subjects. It’s allow her to explore her questions about transgression, the sense of belonging, identity and freedom. Her goal is to challenge the reality that society claims, and instead, reflect on the natural interactions of humans and territory.

A cross between a documentary and an author’s work, her photographic essays have led  to live in Canada, Jamaica and Mexico.